Who Are The Best Pond Builders In Kitchener, ON?

Our team meets with well over 100 homeowners every year in the Waterloo Region area concerning their landscapes.

As our online content demonstrates our thoughts on all things ponds, home-owners often ask us about some of the other companies in the area.

We're not afraid to pass the name along of our friends and colleagues in other companies, and we want our customers to be as informed as possible when it comes to building ponds and other water features.

Here is a list of some of the companies that have a solid history in the Kitchener area.

1. Earthscape

Earthscape has been around since 2005 and has an extensive portfolio in building water features such as fountains and ponds.

2. Wright Landscape Services

Wright Landscape has been in business for 50 years serving the Waterloo Region.

3. Dreamestate Landscaping

Dreamestate Landscaping has been servicing Guelph and the surrounding area for 15 years.

4. St. Jacob's Country Gardens

St. Jacob's Country Gardens has been serving the Waterloo Region for the past ten years specializing in water gardens and gardening.

5. Jackson Pond

Jackson Pond has been serving Burlington and surrounding areas since 2002 and specialized in the installation of water features and water feature maintenance.

So if you're considering a contractor to install your fountain, waterfall, or pond, consider speaking with one of these long-standing, reputable companies to serve you.

Our services at Soares Landscaping Inc. extend beyond Kitchener to include Landscape Waterloo, Landscape Guelph, and Landscape Cambridge.