Soares Landscaping Project Planner

Soares Project Planner

Ready to start building the outdoor experience you’ve been dreaming of?

Understanding Your Space

Designing a space for outdoor living is a lot more than having a beautiful yard. There are many elements that influence the experience of a space and how we connect with our surroundings. Your home is a representation of you, your lifestyle, and your taste. When planning your outdoor living space, we incorporate all of the senses to bring you your very own relaxing sanctuary.

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Make your space both beautiful and functional with a well-maintained garden, add lighting for ambience, and outdoor structures for extra detail. From the choice of colours and textures, to furniture and accents – everything needs to compliment each other well. With thorough planning from expert designers, you’ll have a much greater chance of achieving the look you want. What you get is a comfortable, beautiful home.

Certain elements can change the way we feel about our space. Your home should be your refuge, the place you go to where you can destress, recharge, and relax after a long day. Taking inspiration from nature itself, like water features, greenery, and a space around the fire. makes a world of a difference. Destressing your life starts at home. We help you make your space as relaxing and restful as it should be.

There’s nothing like a warm summer evening with the grill on, the fire crackling, and being surrounded by your loved ones around the table. Elements like an outdoor living room with a patio, a barbeque area, and plenty of seating inspires us to gather outdoors and connect with family. Having a beautiful outdoor living space is the greatest opportunity to make lasting memories.

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You’re one step closer to achieving the outdoor space of your dreams! Our team works closely with you to create a design that’s as unique as your home and your taste. Our goal is to bring you an outdoor living space that’s both beautiful, functional, and can be enjoyed for years to come.