Soares Landscaping has built over 500 experiences for people like you. We work with you to build the paradise of your dreams.

Feeling the Discomfort of a Neglected Yard?

Coming home to an uninspiring backyard can be a letdown. The faded pathways, the lacklustre patios, and the untouched spaces—all conspiring to rob you of the relaxation you deserve.

The Problem is Real, But So is the Solution.

Our team of experts is devoted to reinventing your outdoor spaces into the haven you've always imagined. Whether designing a beautiful patio, sculpting the perfect garden layout, or completely rejuvenating your backyard, we've got you covered.

Choose Soares. Choose Change.

Elevate your home's outdoor beauty because you deserve nothing less than an exceptional relaxing living space. Trust in us to make your outdoor living dreams come alive.

Transform Your Yard with Confidence


At the heart of our service is a commitment to craftsmanship. With seasoned expertise, we bring your vision to life and ensure it resonates with elegance and durability. Experience the difference that true artistry makes in every corner of your landscape.

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Count on us to stick to the plan, providing consistent updates and delivering our promises. Experience a seamless transformation without the wait.

Destress Your Life

Creative Design

Your space is one-of-a-kind, and so are our designs. Dive into tailored solutions that respect your preferences and your property's unique charm. With us, innovation meets individuality.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

"Finally, we found a company that gives realistic ideas and quotes and then actually delivers. The work was precise and flawless. They showed up on time, worked very efficiently, were so polite and knowledgeable and genuinely care about workmanship and quality."

- Melissa S.


"We are very pleased with the project completed by Soares Landscaping. The entire team provided a positive and enjoyable experience from planning to completion. I would highly recommend them for any outdoor design and construction."

- Susann C.


"Couldn’t be more happy with the work this team did. With the gardens, outdoor kitchen AND beautiful fireplace our outdoor living space will give us years of enjoyment. The whole team works so hard to make your vision come true."

- Tanya R.


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What You Get With Us!

  • ✏️ Tailored Designs: Each project is customized to your unique preferences and the specific characteristics of your space.

  • 👥 Experienced Team: Benefit from a seasoned landscaping team's vast knowledge and skills, ensuring the best results.

  • 🎨 Future-Proof Designs: Our solutions are beautiful and designed to evolve gracefully with time, offering lasting appeal and functionality.

  • 📩 Transparent Communication: Stay informed throughout the project with regular updates and open channels of communication.

  • 👍 Value-Driven Solutions: We provide outstanding quality tailored to fit various investment levels, ensuring you get the best value for your budget.
  • 🛠️ Latest Technology & Tools: Employing the most up-to-date landscaping technology ensures precision and efficiency in our work.

  • 🌲 Maintenance Guidance: Post-project, receive advice and tips on maintaining and caring for your new space.

  • 📞 One Stop Shop: From initial consultation to project completion, experience a smooth and cohesive process.

  • 🚧 Safety First: All our operations prioritize safety, ensuring the well-being of your family, our team, and the environment.

  • 👷 Reputable Suppliers: Benefit from our partnerships with leading suppliers, ensuring high-quality materials for your project.

Frequently Asked Questions

Professional Landscape Services In Kitchener

At Soares Landscaping, we deliver professional landscape design in Kitchener and surrounding areas. We take pride in calling Kitchener our hometown and are committed to being one of the top landscaping companies in Kitchener to help maintain the city’s beauty.

We aim to provide creative and affordable landscaping services with environmentally friendly lawn care. If you’re looking for a quality local landscape company near you, look no further than our friendly team at Soares Landscaping.

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Ready to build the space of your dreams?

Imagine a yard where every detail resonates with your dream, an oasis that's a testament to your unique taste and the joy of family gatherings. With Soares Landscaping, this vision is within reach. We don't just shape landscapes; we craft experiences, turning outdoor areas into sanctuaries of togetherness.

Let's talk about the possibilities!

Our experts are on standby, eager to collaborate and bring your outdoor dreams to life. It's more than landscaping; it's about creating memories, fostering bonds, and cherishing those sunlit moments outdoors.

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