Creating an experience, from the beginning

At Soares Landscaping, we believe life is best when thought out. Pros and cons, simple or luxurious, tranquil or entertaining. Various thoughts to consider when planning the perfect outdoor space for you and your family.

Our planning process leans on this mindset and, when done correctly, leaves very little room for second thoughts down the road. Here is how we make that happen:

1. Inquiry & Discovery Call

After contacting our team by either phone or email, we will review your inquiry and schedule a discovery call to learn more about you and your project. If you're in the information-gathering phase, we may provide you with resources to review before continuing the conversation.

If we're not a good fit for your project due to scope or budget, we will advise you and provide a referral if possible.

If we're a good fit, we'll provide you with a preliminary proposal for your project.

2. Consultation (Payment Required)

If we're a good fit for you and your project, we'll schedule a site meeting with you to assess the property, determine what features are a good fit for the space, determine the appropriate budget for the project and discuss timelines. We may even provide verbal design suggestions and point out potential issues.

We'll discuss any changes to the preliminary proposal and discuss non-refundable design fees for the project.

3. Design (Payment Required)

Once you've signed the preliminary proposal or design agreement, we'll get to work on the plan:

  • Site measurements
  • Requirements such as by-laws, building code, conversation authority
  • Concept plan & revisions
  • Design approval and itemized work agreement

4. Pre-Construction (Payment Required)

After approving your design and the construction work agreement, you will provide a deposit to reserve your spot on our construction schedule. Other project management tasks will take place:

  • Utility locates will be requested
  • Trade partners are booked
  • Permits received
  • Working drawings completed for the crews

5. Construction (Payment Required)

Our team will arrive to begin making your vision come to reality. Here's what this phase will look like:

  • Introductions to the team and you will be made
  • Neighbours will be given our contact information if there is an issue
  • Communication will occur daily - We invite questions or concerns
  • Any issues will be brought to your attention

6. Time To Enjoy (Final Payment Required)

After all, the commotion, noise and dust, your project is now complete! A few items as we leave you to enjoy your new space:

  • A final walkthrough to ensure you're 110% satisfied
  • Ask for your feedback and online review
  • Schedule a 1-year warranty inspection

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