A Place to Pause

In today's changing world, it's essential that families carve out time to reconnect without distraction and gather in a shared space. Otherwise, we risk missing out on the important moments of creating memories together, as a family. Soares Landscaping exists to champion the simple indulgence of finding joy in your space where moments are created and a lifetime of memories are cherished.

Today, Soares Landscaping has been operating since 2006 to bring beautiful and functional landscapes that enhance the lives of homeowners and their loved ones. With a combined experience of 20+ years, we have been serving Kitchener and surrounding areas to promote the importance of outdoor living.

Soares Generational Story

The story of Soares Landscaping began in 2006 with Carlos Soares and Michael Garcia, offering landscaping services to the Kitchener, Ontario area. Like many businesses going through a growth journey, the father and son team reflected on an experience from Michael’s childhood, that would become the foundation of Soares Landscaping.

When Carlos started the business, Michael went to a friend’s house (at a time when his family didn’t have much) and seeing a pool in his friend’s backyard left him in awe.

Knowing the quality work his father was doing, Michael imagined a pool for his own family. Carlos and Michael shared how much they would enjoy spending time together as a family, in their own backyard.

The memory stuck with Michael, and together with Carlos, their dream to reconnect families in an outdoor living space became the new mission for Soares Landscaping and the families they serve.

Building Trust Through Relationships

With their combined 20+ years of experience, Carlos and Michael discovered a missing link in the landscape industry. No one considered creating an experience. It was simply a transactional relationship between the customer and the contractor. Soares Landscaping believes that transforming a backyard into an oasis - where families can destress, relax and entertain - starts with building trust and relationships with each and every client.

From the initial consultation to the completion of the project, and the follow-up visit, each and every customer that Soares Landscaping interacts with is provided a memorable experience. This plays a vital role in creating the outdoor space of their dreams, where families can retreat from a busy day to relax, spend time together, and find comfort.

Outdoor Living For The Wellbeing of Families

Most families dream of sharing special moments to treasure together. With home being the place that families spend the most time in, many homeowners are looking to make a change in their space but don’t realize that this transformation is achievable through landscaping.

While there's a time and place for indoor activities, being outdoors is not only good for our physical health, it greatly benefits our mental wellbeing as well. Of course, the goal of Soares Landscaping is to build beautiful outdoor spaces it’s family time and reconnection that drives the company’s values.