5 Best Landscaping Companies in Kitchener

Each year, our team speaks with hundreds of homeowners in Kitchener regarding their landscape projects. Often we are asked, "Who are the best landscaping companies in the Kitchener area?".

We're not afraid to pass the name along of our friends and colleagues in other companies, and we want our customers to be as informed as possible when it comes to landscaping

Here is a list of some of the landscaping companies that have a solid history in the Kitchener area (in no particular order).

1. Snider Turf & Landscape Care

Snider TLC has been around the Kitchener/Waterloo area for many years specializing in landscape maintenance using quality products and best horticultural practices.

2. Wright Landscape Services

Wright Landscape has been in business for 50 years serving the Waterloo Region with a reliable reputation for landscape maintenance offered to residential and commercial clients.

3. Helmutz

Helmutz has been servicing the Kitchener area for many years specializing in hardscape construction, including commercial projects.

4. Earthscape

Earthscape has been around since 2005 and has an extensive portfolio in large architectural projects.

5. TNT Property Maintenance

TNT Property Maintenance has been serving the Kitchener/Waterloo area since 1993. They provide unique outdoor spaces, quality lawn and garden care, winter snow plowing services, and exterior repairs.


If you're considering designing a landscape project, consider speaking with our team to inquire if we're the right fit to design and install your landscape. Our services are not limited to Kitchener; we also serve the areas of Landscape Waterloo, Landscape Guelph, and Landscape Cambridge. If we're not the right fit for you and your project, a contractor on this list may be a good fit for you.

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