Winter Preparation Checklist

The Southern Ontario weather forecast is in the double digits this week, but that doesn’t mean you should hold off on preparing for winter. Winter tends to strike when we least expect it so it’s best to get your property prepared before it’s too late. Get prepared by checking these 4 winter prep chores off your to-do list in early November.

1. Tune up the tools

Make sure that your winter equipment is in tip-top shape and ready for the first snowfall. Ensure your snow blower has sufficient engine oil and starts well. At the same time, you will want to move your equipment from the shed to the garage for easy access throughout the season.

Dig up the old snow shovel. Is it a good fit for your body type? Ergonomic? Depending on personal strength, you may wish to purchase a shovel with a smaller blade width than standard shovels.

2. Stock up on supplies

Carry enough salt or ice melter to last at least one month. Typically you will use 4-5 20kg bags for the average Kitchener-Waterloo home throughout the winter season. If you can buy enough salt or ice melter for the entire season (and have the adequate cool, dry storage), we recommend purchasing it. This allows you to avoid any possible shortages during peak times and snowstorms.

3. Remove hazards from your property

Ensure your property is clear of any debris or items that may create a hazard or make clearing snow or ice difficult. Things such as broken concrete or asphalt, leaves and random items around the yard can turn into a hazard when snow and ice build up.

4. Plan ahead for snow removal

Identify and mark areas that are suitable for storing cleared snow. Take note that the bottom of snow piles tend to form to ice and will melt and freeze during the fluctuating temperatures in late winter, early spring. This can be a hazard in high traffic areas, so choose it wisely, keep your eye out for melting snow, and maintain it with salt or ice melter.

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