Six Considerations To Make When Building A Paver Patio

At some point in home ownership, every homeowner comes to the realization that they want a patio space to enjoy their evenings and weekends. They consider this because they either want to have a quiet space to retreat to, host family dinners, or entertain extended family and friends. Regardless of the purpose for the patio, there are important things to consider!

6 Considerations When Planning a Paver Patio

  • How many people will use the space at one time? A family of 4, a small group of 6-10 friends and family, or an outdoor event with 15-30 people?
  • Do you entertain on a regular basis?
  • Do you want separate areas for eating, lounging, food prep, and cooking?
  • Do you currently have furniture? How much room will it take up? Table for 4 or table for 8?
  • How will people navigate through the patio? Around furniture? From the house to the yard?
  • Does the patio need to connect to other areas of the property with walkways or steps?

A Purpose Begins to Take Form

When you answer these six questions, the use of the space starts to take form, and now you have a benchmark to start from when planning your patio. An important factor learned from this method is how large a patio needs to be, in order to be usable for its intended purpose. Another is how many different areas need to be included. Once these items are determined, the planning of the actual shape, design, and layout can begin.

Where to Start

We suggest every project start by collecting images from the internet or online that speak most to you. In some cases, you may have seen a friend or neighbour’s patio and kept a picture of it.

Once you’ve collected some photos, skim through them to identify similar features that you would like to have and begin making a list of wants for your patio. Do you like the sitting wall in one picture? Did the firepit strike you as a must-have? These are questions you would typically ask yourself when making this list.

What’s Next?

Once you’ve compiled your list and photos, the next step would be to reach out to a landscape designer to put your vision into paper and the eventual construction of your dream paver patio. A great designer will be able to work through your images and list to create the best outdoor living space that fits your purpose, your lifestyle, and your budget.

Contact Us to Begin Planning Your Patio

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