Patios are the first thing you see when you step out into the backyard.

Kids birthday parties, neighborhood BBQs, and family dinners are held here.

Why would you want to stop yourself from having those?

  • Increase the entertainment space of your home
  • Tie your yard together with walkways
  • Patios & walkways have a 5-year warranty

Turn Your Patio Into A Place To Connect

Backyard Pool Patio

Adding Ambiance To Your Backyard

A patio is a fantastic addition to a backyard because it creates another space to spend time with friends and family.

Adding a fire pit or a small fountain onto it changes it from a simple patio into a destination in your own backyard.

Set up some chairs and a table and now you’ve got a great place to enjoy dinners together. You don’t have to settle for sitting in your dining room all the time.

Get back outside and connect.

Enjoy Dinners Outside Again

When it comes to family dinners, we’re cooped up inside too much. Especially with long winters.

So why would you want to spend a warm summer night sitting at the kitchen table?

Take everything outside and spend some time soaking up the night.

You’ll be glad you did.

I Want To Spend More Time Outside

Backyard Dining Patio

Your New Patio Or Walkway In 3 Easy Steps

1. Let’s explore the idea of getting your family outside.

2. We’ll build your new outdoor entertainment space 🙂

3. Get back outside and have family dinner together!

Maneuver Around Your Yard Easier

Back Steps-15-25k

Create A Pathway For All Your Needs

The path to go from the front yard to the backyard always seems to be more difficult than it needs to be.

There’s no easy way to get around! And even if it doesn’t have obstacles in the way, it’s not inviting.

Guests that are coming over for a party in the backyard will either have to walk through the house or through the grass. They shouldn’t have to do that.

Add a pathway to make the journey easy.

Tie Your Yard Together With A Walkway

Whether it’s from the driveway to the front door, or it’s from element to element in your yard, a walkway will help tie everything together.

You shouldn’t feel like the features around your home are on their own separate islands. Make it easy to get around.

Match form with function and make the walkway a work of art while you’re at it.

I Want To Maneuver Easier

landscape -41-export

What Our Clients Say

Happy homeowner with a new patio

“I am happy for having chosen Soares Landscaping for my patio project. The project started when they promised and it was completed in a timely manner. I would definitely recommend them!”

-Celso C.

Great communication and experience

“From the initial consultation to the end result, it was a great experience working with Mike and Carlos. Mike listened to my landscaping design ideas on how I needed to achieve the final interlocking outlook to complement the existing look of my house giving a synergistic and cohesive design… A great team to work with…. Two thumbs up!!!”

-Aleem K.


Stop staying put inside. Your family dinners are meant for more!

I'm Ready To Get Back Outside