5 Best Restaurant Patios in Kitchener

At our company, we're all about the outdoors (obviously!). So it's no surprise that when I want to go out to eat during the summer, I'm going to visit a restaurant with an outdoor patio.

Here is a list of the restaurant patios in Kitchener that I like the most (in no particular order).

1. Bobby O'Brien's

Bobby O'Brien's is a casual bar and restaurant in downtown Kitchener. They opened in 2002 and features an expansive patio in the heart of Kitchener. Add to that their outdoor beach volleyball court and a short walk from the beautiful Victoria Park, this venue is excellent for a casual night out.

2. Moxie's

Moxie's is located in the Fairway Plaza near Fairview Mall. It is a mix of casual and formal dining. The setting is excellent for birthday dinners or dates. Their patio is covered, heated and has large windows that open during the summer. Even in bad weather, you can still enjoy patio dining at Moxie's Kitchener.

3. Moose Winooski's

Moose Winooski's located at Sportsworld Crossing is great for families who want to dine. The restaurant opened in 1993 and has remained a staple community restaurant. The patio features great landscaping and offers outdoor TVs to catch the game!

4. Martini's

Martini's provides a great social setting for restaurant-goers. A part of the community for some time with the Charcoal Group, you can expect deliciously curated meals for your outing.

5. Jack Astor's

A portion of the most recent renovations to Fairview Mall, Jack Astor's moved from their previous Fairway location to Fairview Mall. A great family atmosphere and bar for sports fans, their outdoor patio offers a great atmosphere and outdoor heating to keep you warm during colder days.


We hope you enjoy the outdoor patio season!

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