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    A Modern Farmhouse in the City

    Imagine stepping outside to a perfectly curated outdoor living space that not only complements the modern farmhouse style of your home but also invites you to relax and enjoy nature in full comfort. This dream became a reality for the Mulhern family in Kitchener, ON, who sought to extend the contemporary charm of their home's interior to its exterior—creating a cohesive, inviting, and functional space that suits their active, family-oriented lifestyle.


    Meet the Mulhern Family

    The Mulherns are a vibrant family, busy with life’s daily hustle and deeply invested in their home’s aesthetic and function. Having recently revamped the interior of their home to reflect a modern farmhouse style, they faced a disconnect as their outdoor space lagged in both style and utility. Their backyard, featuring a decades-old pool and a front walkway that was both unsafe and unappealing, was in desperate need of transformation.


    The Challenge

    The Mulherns’ pool area was outdated, with non-functional lighting and an old concrete surround that did nothing to invite leisure or enjoyment. The pool’s skimmer, jets, and liner were all relics of a bygone era, severely needing upgrades. Additionally, the expansive lawn suffered under an unpruned tree, causing extensive wear and tear, while an old paver walkway at the front posed a risk with its aggressive slope and peeling surface during harsh winters. Yet, amidst these challenges, the deck stood solid and well-maintained, a single reminder of what the rest of the outdoor space could become.


    We're Guides

    Recognizing these challenges, Soares Landscaping was the expert guide with years of experience transforming outdoor living spaces. Our team, led by seasoned pool renovation specialists and landscape designers, presented a vision to turn the Mulherns’ backyard from a forgotten area into a centrepiece of their daily living.


    Our Strategic Plan

    We proposed a comprehensive renovation plan encompassing every aspect of the Mulherns’ outdoor woes. First, we tackled the pool—updating the skimmer, jets, and lighting and fitting a new liner to refresh the pool's appeal and functionality. We replaced the old concrete with modern, safe, interlocking pavers seamlessly blending into the natural environment.

    To address the lawn's poor condition, we pruned the overgrown tree and redefined the landscaping to promote health and growth. The creation of dedicated areas—a cozy fire pit and a sunny spot for pool loungers—ensured every family member could find their little haven within the garden.

    The front walkway received a complete overhaul to enhance safety and curb appeal. We crafted a welcoming and architecturally harmonious entrance with the rest of the home by regrading the slope and using modern pavers that matched the home's farmhouse aesthetic.


    The Result of Great Design

    Their excitement grew as we shared our vision and detailed plan with the Mulherns. They realized that not only could their space be beautiful, but it could also be incredibly functional and safe. Our promise of quality craftsmanship, ongoing support, and maintenance was all they needed to move forward.


    The Transformation

    The transformation was nothing short of remarkable. The Mulherns now boast a front yard that stops passersby in their tracks and a backyard that is the heart of family activity. The new pool area, equipped with functional fixtures and surrounded by tasteful landscaping, invites daily use, offering a refreshing escape during hot summer days. The fire pit area has become a favourite gathering spot for evening relaxation and socializing.

    More importantly, the project stood up to the rigours posed by their two young puppies, proving both durable and easy to maintain—a crucial factor for the busy Mulhern family.



    The Mulhern family’s story is a testament to the power of thoughtful design and expert execution in landscaping.

    At Soares Landscaping, we pride ourselves on meeting and exceeding our clients’ expectations, delivering spaces that resonate with their visions and aspirations.

    Let us guide you through the process if you want to transform your outdoor space into a functional, beautiful home extension. Your dream landscape is just a consultation away.


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