Kitchener, ON

    Doon Creek

    We recently completed an exciting project for a lovely family in Kitchener, Ontario. They were facing a problem that many homeowners face - an outdated and unsafe front walkway, an overgrown front garden, a parched lawn in the summer, and a back patio that was too hot to use during the warmer months.

    Our team was determined to provide them with a solution to their problems and create a beautiful and functional space for them to enjoy.

    Firstly, we tackled the front entrance. The old, uneven walkway was replaced with precast pavers, which provided a safe walking surface and added to the overall look of the front of the house. We overlaid the porch with the same pavers to complement the new walkway, creating a seamless transition. To highlight the entrance, we designed a low-maintenance garden that beautifully framed the front of the house. This garden added to the curb appeal and served as a welcoming space for visitors.

    Safety was also a top priority for our team. To ensure the family could safely navigate the front entrance, we installed lighting that illuminated the front steps and highlighted the entrance's features. The new lighting provides safety and adds a beautiful element to the front entrance.

    Moving to the back patio, our team had to find a solution to the family's issue with the sun's intensity during the summer months. We installed a Toja Grid pergola over the dining area, providing shade and creating an intimate and cozy space for the family to enjoy meals. The pergola's retractable shade sail was also fire- and waterproof, making it a perfect solution for all seasons. We installed lighting within the patio to create a safe traffic area and highlight the patio's features, which added to the ambiance and usability of the space.

    To create a beautiful view for the family, we also designed and installed a low-maintenance garden at the back of the property. The new garden was carefully selected to provide a beautiful area while being practical and easy to maintain. An irrigation system was also installed to provide the necessary water to keep the plants and lawn looking great all summer.

    The project's final result was a stunning transformation of the family's outdoor space.

    The front entrance was now a safe and welcoming area, and the back patio was transformed into a comfortable and functional space for the family to enjoy all year round. The new garden also provided a beautiful view for the family to enjoy, and the irrigation system ensured that the plants and lawn stayed lush and green throughout the summer.

    We are proud to have completed this project for the family in Kitchener and are delighted that they can now enjoy their outdoor space with ease and comfort.

    If you're facing similar issues with your outdoor space, don't hesitate to contact us for a consultation - we'd be more than happy to help you create a functional and beautiful space for you to enjoy.

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