Waterloo, ON


    This family has created the ultimate outdoor experience.

    This property welcomes you with a beautiful paver driveway bordered by beautiful column-like trees. At night, these trees are highlighted with landscape lighting showing off their excellent characteristics during the outdoor season.

    The driveway transitions into a beautiful walkway with a large landing to enhance the size of the existing front porch.

    Walking through the back gate reveals an incredible outdoor living space that rivals most resorts.

    The swimming pool is perfect for cooling off after enjoying the summer sun.

    After swimming, head to the tanning loungers to dry off and enjoy sun-kissed skin.

    After tanning, the dining area is the perfect spot to refuel.

    Once dinner is over, and dessert has been served, everyone heads to the fire to end the night with smores and stories.

    Or take your pick at the state-of-the-art hot tub to relax in!