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    At Soares Landscaping, we thrive on the opportunity to bring life and beauty to outdoor spaces. In 2018 we had the pleasure of working with a wonderful family in downtown Kitchener, ON, seeking a complete transformation of their front porch and backyard.

    In this blog post, we will take you through their challenges, our innovative solution, and the stunning results we achieved, all while showcasing our unwavering commitment to excellence.

    The Problem: Dilapidated Front Porch and Uninspiring Backyard

    Our clients approached us with a front porch that had seen better days. The concrete was deteriorating, posing a safety risk with loose fragments. Additionally, their backyard lacked a proper patio, leaving them unable to enjoy fireside gatherings and failing to captivate their interest. The lacklustre lawn only added to their disappointment, as it lacked character and failed to reflect their style.

    Our Solution: A Comprehensive Outdoor Makeover with Signature Touches

    We were determined to provide our clients with an outdoor sanctuary surpassing their expectations. Armed with our expertise and dedication, we embarked on a project to breathe new life into their front and backyard spaces.

    Front Porch Redesign: Restoring Elegance and Safety

    We removed the worn-out concrete steps to revitalize their front porch. Drawing inspiration from the home's century-old charm, we carefully replaced them with stunning natural stone slabs that exuded timeless elegance. After a thorough cleaning, we applied a matching natural stone overlay, completely transforming the front porch into a captivating entryway that seamlessly blended with the architectural style of their historic home.

    Backyard Transformation: Creating an Inviting Haven

    To transform their lacklustre backyard into a captivating retreat, we embarked on an ambitious vision. We installed a beautiful paver patio using Techo-Bloc Antika, providing a durable foundation and enhancing the space's aesthetic appeal. Our design incorporated a Techo-Bloc Valencia firepit with a wood-burning metal insert, inviting cozy gatherings and creating memories around the flickering flames. We added a Techo-Bloc Mini-Creta seating wall to elevate the comfort level, offering ample seating for family and friends to relax and enjoy the ambience.

    Designer Garden and Enchanting Lighting: Nature's Splendor, Illuminated

    Understanding our clients' desire for low-maintenance yet captivating greenery, we meticulously designed a garden that encircled the yard. By carefully selecting various low-maintenance plants suited to the local climate, we ensured a vibrant and ever-changing backdrop that required minimal upkeep. Furthermore, we strategically placed outdoor lighting fixtures to accentuate the newly created landscape features, infusing the space with a mesmerizing charm during the evening hours.


    Soares Landscaping takes immense pride in our ability to transform outdoor spaces into breathtaking retreats. Our recent project in downtown Kitchener, ON, showcased our passion for excellence as we rejuvenated a dilapidated front porch and uninspiring backyard. By incorporating exquisite natural stone, a cozy firepit, comfortable seating, and an enchanting designer garden, we crafted an outdoor oasis that perfectly reflects the family's style and offers countless opportunities for relaxation and connection.


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