Use Your Driveway As A Nice Welcome

When you pull into your driveway, does your home look the same as everyone else’s in the neighborhood?

  • Break the routine of having a bland asphalt driveway
  • More design options – choose the perfect style
  • Paver driveways won’t settle or crack (great for our winters)

How We Install A Paver Driveway


Digging Out The Right Foundation

When it comes to installing a paver driveway, the foundation is very important. The last thing we want is to craft a gorgeous paver driveway and have the pavers sink.

Your paver driveway deserves to stand the test of time.

Laying The Paver Driveway, Brick By Brick

One of the unique aspects of laying a paver driveway is that it has to be done by hand.

This helps to ensure that each brick is stable and fits perfectly in place.

The by-hand nature of installing a paver driveway allows us to create any designs that the homeowner wants. This means you can make the driveway as unique as you are!


Stand Out With Your New Paver Driveway

The new paver driveway is done!

In addition to adding uniqueness to your home, you’re increasing your curb appeal. Who wouldn’t want something above an asphalt or concrete driveway?

Imagine getting to pull into your driveway each day on hand laid pavers. It’s a pretty elegant experience.

I Want To Upgrade My Driveway

Get A Stand-Out Driveway In 3 Easy Steps

1. Let’s talk about your new driveway

2. We’ll help create your new space

3. Love the outdoors again

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What Our Clients Say

Client happy with communication and service

“Working with Micheal and crew has been a pleasure. The level of communication and service they provide is second to none in this industry. I look forward to many years of continued partnership with Soares Landscaping! Keep up the good work guys!”

-Steve M.

Client amazed with work

“Michael has been amazing to deal with and Carlos’ quality of work is second to none. I have worked with Soares Landscaping (Michael in particular) for a year now and they continue to amaze me – not just with their professionalism, but with their desire to learn and be the best at what they do.”

-Tracy S.

Increase your curb appeal. What are you waiting for?

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