Why Aeration Is Important For A Healthy Lawn

Lawn aeration is a key component to maintaining a healthy lawn. If mowing the lawn wasn’t the necessity that it is, aeration would be the utmost important task you could have in your lawn maintenance schedule.

What is aeration?

Aeration is the task of creating small, evenly spaced holes 3-4 inches (7.5-10 cm) deep throughout an area of turf. This can be completed using a footplate with hollow cylinders extending from the bottom or a walk behind power aerator which has hollow cylinders extending from one or more rotating wheels that remove the plugs and create holes. Footplates are slow and is only practical for very small areas whereas power aerators are less labour intensive and much more efficient on time and quality.

How does aeration benefit the lawn?

There are many benefits to aerating however the most important is the result of reducing compaction in the soil. Sandy, silt and clay soils contain small pores that hold air, water and nutrients. Over time, soil compacts due to foot traffic and the use of machinery such as lawn mowers.

Other benefits include improving the intake of air, water and nutrients, breaks down thatch build up, improves the effectiveness of irrigation and creates space for roots to grow and thicken before stress periods in the hot summer months.

When should lawn aeration be done?

This can depend on the type of soil you have present in your property howeverlawns on most soil types need to be aerated once a year in either Spring or Fall. Clay soil may require twice a year in the Spring and Fall. This is because clay soils have smaller particles making it easier to compact.

Aerating should always be performed prior to fertilizing or re-seeding as it is beneficial for these products to enter the holes created by the aerator. Avoid aerating during periods of extreme heat or drought as this will dry out the soil. Doing so eliminates moisture necessary for the survival of the turf. This will result in further stress and could lead to burn.


In conclusion, aeration is an important part to maintaining that lush, green lawn you’ve worked so hard to achieve. Let our team keep your lawn in pristine condition by including aeration in your yearly lawn care program. Contact us to create a customized lawn care program to suit your needs!