Positively Impacting Our Environment With Landscaping

At Soares Landscaping, we love our hometown of Kitchener. We love it so much that we’ve dedicated our time to serving the community with beautiful landscaping designs that families can enjoy for years and years to come. Creating these priceless and lasting moments is our main interest when we work with each client.

As a landscaping company, it’s our duty to make sure that the place we call home is healthy, thriving, and at its best. When landscaping is not done properly (or not done at all), the effects that it can have on the home includes:

  • Inefficient energy usage
  • Water pollution and shortages
  • Decrease in soil health
  • Fertilizer run-off
  • Diseased lawns

Although this might seem like small problems for one household, when you multiply that by hundreds of yards within just one city, the issue combined becomes bigger. We believe that every element in nature is connected and that the small actions we do impacts our circle, the community, and the world.

How Soares Landscaping Helps The Environment

When our passionate team meets with our clients, our main priority is to provide their home with a sustainable outdoor living space that allows them to create memories with their loved ones for years down the road.
Sustainable landscaping contributes to the ecosystem, benefits the environment, and increases the health and wellness of households. Landscaping goes beyond water and space usage. Along with a plan that meets the needs and desires of the family, an expert landscape designer can accomplish:

  • A reduction in household heating and cooling costs
  • Water quality preservation
  • A decrease in water consumption
  • Natural resource conservation
  • Soil erosion prevention
  • Lawn care without the use of pesticides
  • A beautiful, lush, and thriving landscape

Our landscaping team works with you to balance your aesthetic goals with a smart design that positively impacts the environment.

Economic and Environmental Benefits of Landscaping

An efficient landscaping plan is responsive to your city’s natural environment and climate that provides your household with added financial benefits. In terms of real estate, professional landscaping increases your curb appeal and boosts property value.

Not only is a well-maintained and clean landscape an attractive property for home buyers, effective landscape design has a significant impact on the environment. An experienced landscaper creates a solid foundation that can:

  • Reduce air conditioning costs by 15-50% and heating costs by 2-8%
  • Provide windbreaks to cut heating bills by up to 40%
  • Shade and cool the air with effective use of trees and shrubs by up to 14 degrees
  • Reduce air pollution and noise
  • Produce enough oxygen for a family of 4
  • Sequester carbon monoxide, filter dust, and clean the air
  • Manage stormwater and prevent flooding
  • Effectively use plants to filter the air of smoke and dust
  • Purify toxic soils

Health and Wellness Benefits Of Landscaping

A trend toward modern gardening and outdoor living has grown in the past few years in the landscaping industry, particularly moving towards personal and family wellness.

People are realizing that interacting with nature benefits their health significantly and that a clean, livable environment contributes to a healthier lifestyle overall. The wellness benefits of professional landscaping include:

  • An increase in physical, emotional, and psychological health
  • A decrease in mental fatigue, leading to better productivity and concentration
  • Improvements in symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress
  • Opportunities to connect with nature, which is proven to enrich day to day life
  • An increase in community involvement and well-being of the neighbourhood
  • A boost in mood and self-esteem

Read more about the health and wellness benefits of landscaping and home improvements.

Speak To Our Team

When landscaping is done correctly, homeowners can enjoy these added benefits that also lend a hand to a healthier community overall. As with any landscaping project, there are unique challenges and best practices to consider.

At Soares Landscaping, our team expertly handles each component to ensure that all of your bases are covered for longevity and smooth completion of the project. We devise a detailed plan that not only balances the goals of our clients but will also avoid future costs due to poor installation.

We help homeowners with landscaping around the Kitchener & Waterloo Region. We can help you build your outdoor living space so you can destress, enjoy life more, and connect with the family in a sustainable and beautiful yard.

Consider us as a partner for your next landscape design project. Contact our team to begin the discussion.

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