Landscape Design For A Low Maintenance Yard

Recently, a client approached us to completely redo the landscape design of their new home. One of the concerns that this client presented us with is that a beautiful yard might come with high maintenance care. As full-time working parents of three young children, they were torn between deciding on keeping their yard as is or upgrading to a fully landscaped living space.

Part of our job as experienced landscape professionals is to consider each client’s unique needs and lifestyle as we plan out their personalized design. With thorough planning and a solid foundation, we were able to design a low-maintenance yard that their whole family can enjoy without compromising aesthetics.

Here are some of the components that our team of designers at Soares Landscaping were able to execute to give this family a beautiful, easy-to-maintain yard.

Incorporate an outdoor living space

Building an outdoor kitchen and dining area lends to a low-maintenance landscape design as you will have fewer grassy areas to care for. One of the best ways you can create a warm and inviting space is to include a patio with a grilling area, dining table, and a fire pit.

An outdoor living space will also give your family more opportunities to enjoy the outdoors and provide you with an oasis to relax in.

Opt for high-quality stone surfaces

Though the initial investment can be pricey, a quality surface like bluestone is incredibly durable which will save money on replacements in the long run compared to cheaper alternatives.

Bluestone is a natural stone that comes in a variety of colours to match the aesthetics of your yard. Placing stone surfaces is a great low-maintenance option in place of grassy areas and gardens while still giving a beautiful, put-together look for your outdoor space.

Expert Tip: To ensure that your stone surface is level and to avoid fix-ups, lay a solid base first. Consult with an experienced landscape designer to make sure that this process is properly executed.

Add mulch beds and rock gardens

To reduce the number of grassy areas in your outdoor living space, adding beds of mulch and a rock garden is an inexpensive low-maintenance option. While rock gardens present a clean and simple look, mulch breaks down, fertilizes your plants, and prevents the growth of weed.

Plant a low-maintenance garden

A beautiful landscape design is incomplete without the bursts of colour that a garden provides. However, if you want a low-maintenance yard, you want to be strategic in choosing which flowers and shrubs to plant.

Some great easy-to-maintain garden options are:

  • Lavender - This beautiful plant only requires watering once or twice a week, comes back year after year, and provides a relaxing scent that also acts as a natural bug repellant.
  • Daylily - These perennials can thrive perfectly with little or no care and produce an abundance of vibrant colours.
  • Nandina - Also known as heavenly bamboo, this low-maintenance plant comes in orange and yellow hues to give your landscape a pop of colour.

A skilled landscape garden designer can help you choose the right variety of flowers and plants to coordinate and pull your yard together.

Place flower pots for more versatility

Pots are a great option to add more colour to your yard, without the extra work. Not only are they a low-maintenance option for your yard, they’re easy to move around if you need more space for backyard parties and gatherings.

Key Takeaways

You can have your cake and eat it too! A beautiful, low-maintenance landscape is possible and the professional team at Soares Landscaping can help you achieve your dream backyard without compromising quality.

There are plenty of options to choose from to create your low-maintenance outdoor living space. Connect with a Soares Landscaping expert to get started and turn your dream vision into reality today. In addition to Kitchener, we also serve Landscape WaterlooLandscape Guelph, and Landscape Cambridge.