Add A Piece Of Paradise To Your Home

A new koi pond is “that” feature in your yard that will draw you away from the screens and get back outside.

  • Spend more quality time with friends and family
  • Create an ecosystem and connect with nature
  • Your pond comes with a 3-year warranty

Most Common Types Of Swimming Pools


The Beginning Of Something Beautiful

The first step in any pond renovation/rebuild is to remove everything from the pond.

This means water, gravel, any biomaterial (we’ll keep any plants and fish safe during the rebuild), and anything else!

We’ll also remove any mechanical parts of the pond.

Creating The Perfect Shape For An Ecosystem

Once all of the material is removed from the pond, the next step is to dig the pond out.

If you notice in the picture, there are shelves within the pond. These shelves are for the plants to sit on.


Reconstructing The Koi Pond

Now that we have the right foundation, we’ll create your pond. This is the fun part!

We’ll add in a rubber liner to ensure it retains all the water. Rocks and gravel are added for aesthetics and to keep the ecosystem happy.

Your New Backyard Oasis

The koi pond is officially finished! Many homeowners love to build a patio next to it so they’re able to enjoy their pond up close and personal.

This is a perfect spot to have a morning coffee or end-of-the day glass of wine.

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Your New Backyard Oasis In 3 Easy Steps

1. Let’s talk about your new oasis.

2. We’ll help install or recreate your pond

3. Get back outside and connect!

Bring Mother Nature Into Your Yard

Stop And Smell The Roses

The winters here in Canada are cold and long enough. Don’t you think we should get outside more when it’s warm?

Most of us go to work and then come home and sit down in front of the TV or on our phones.

Take a step outside and de-stress next to the sounds of a koi pond.

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What Our Clients Say

Providing Excellent Service

“Michael has been amazing to deal with and Carlos’ quality of work is second to none. I have worked with Soares Landscaping (Michael in particular) for a year now and they continue to amaze me – not just with their professionalism, but with their desire to learn and be the best at what they do.”

-Jesse S.

Attention To Detail

“Michael has done several jobs for us and I can not say enough positive things about his level of professionalism and dedication to detail. If you want a job done right the first time, give Soares a call. I could not be happier with their service.”

-Paul S.

Ready to add paradise to your yard?

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