How to find the best snow removal company

Now that you've prepared your property for the first snowfall, it's time to find the best snow removal company that suits your needs.

There are many snow removal companies in Southern Ontario and plenty of snow to go around. However, not all companies are the same. There are many things you must consider in order to find the company with the plan that best fits your needs.

Follow these steps and you’ll have your perfect snow removal plan this winter

Step 1: Identify your snow removal needs

What type of property do you own? Are you a homeowner, business owner, condo owner? Each property requires a different level of service. What type of snow removal plan are you looking for? Per visit pricing or seasonal pricing?

Step 2: Read local snow removal company reviews

Search Google for local snow removal companies. Read their Google and Facebook reviews as well as the testimonials on their website. Keep an open mind but be sure to read the negative reviews as well.

Step 3: Compare snow removal packages and pricing

Compare packages and pricing of the top rated snow removal companies. You may have to contact the companies directly for this information as not every company lists this information on their website.

Step 4: Interview the best snow removal companies

Interview the companies with the best snow removal solutions for your needs. Ask them for details about their snow removal process. Their answers should be direct and quick. If they stumble over their answers, it’s a sign they may be unorganized.

Step 5: Build a snow removal contract

Make sure a snow removal contract is written and that you fully understand and agree to the terms. Use Landscape Ontario’s snow removal contract as a guideline. Discuss any adjustments before signing but be prepared to hear ‘no’ as there tends to be little wiggle room in this high-risk business. Ensure you receive a digital copy of the signed contract for your files.

Step 6: Develop a payment schedule

Set up a payment schedule that is clearly defined and all terms and conditions are understood.

Step 7: Enjoy the snow from the inside or on the slopes

Now you can enjoy a warm winter from inside your home, office, or condo, never needing to lift a shovel.

See our Facebook and Google reviews, review our snow and ice removal packages and prices, and contact us with any questions you have. We’re happy to take care of your snow removal needs this winter.